About Us

Hello and thank you for taking the time to visit.

My name is Eve, maker and owner of Our Lovely Naturals.  Along with the day job I have a husband, 2 beautiful girls who are exploring the next chapter of their lives, and 2 crazy rescue dogs who keep us busy.

I have a love of nature, spring is my favourite season, it’s when the world seems to come alive after the long winter months.  Plants start to grow, birds start nesting, animals and insects become more active and babies are born. We start to sow seeds for our veg beds as well as making sure we have plenty of flowers for the bugs.  We have a wild area in our garden where we scatter wild flower seed to ensure the wildlife have plenty of places to explore.

My love of nature is the reason behind the name Our Lovely Naturals, for years I’ve grown my own veg, not lots of it but enough for us to eat for a few months of the year.  I’ve always allowed plants to self-seed in the garden, I love gardening and pottering around, but I’m not one for a manicured lawn.  I’d much rather see some clover, long grass and wild flowers springing up wherever they fancy, bees and insects busying around rather than stripes in my lawn. This is why we wrap our human soaps in handmade wild flower embedded paper, even if the paper is discarded we hope that nature will do it's thing and the seeds will grow helping the invaluable insects and bugs that are so important to our environment.

I’ve always used good quality natural ingredients to make my soap.  Having dry, sensitive and over 40’s skin I found the soap I made to be completely different from the mass-produced soap that I’ve used for years.  My soap is so much better for my skin and the family saw improvements in theirs too.  This got me thinking about the other products we used in our daily routines, how could I make these in a more environmentally friendly, sustainable and natural way? This is where Our Lovely Naturals started and the reason for our name.  As we have so many animals in our extended family, I couldn’t leave them out so we do have a small dog and horse range which is equally as good as our human products.

Completely natural products made with good quality ingredients; all of our current products and the ones in the pipeline are SLS, paraben and plastic free and we have chosen not to use Palm oil in our products.

All our products comply with current cosmetic safety regulations and are certified by a qualified chemist before they are sold to the public.